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International Shopping Cart for the Global Marketplace

Our exclusive international shopping cart lets your customers select the language and currency they prefer so that you can easily expand your business around the world.
Whatever type of transaction you handle [B2C, B2B, Affiliates, etc.], our wide range of custom features and configurations let you conduct business the way you want - with the tools and efficiencies of a Fortune 500 company. You set prices, shipping costs, discounts and payment terms specific to each site and client account. Plus, we seamlessly integrate with your Web sites making them look like you have your own world-class shopping cart.
Smart and Secure Whether you sell product, services or downloads, updates are quick and easy. You can even schedule ''Go Live'' dates to coincide with product launches and press releases. In practical terms, this versatility translates into lower costs and higher profits for you.
Expand your Business Worldwide Our turnkey system is modular. It interconnects with your Web sites and in-house order processing as well as external call and fulfillment centers. Order data from every source [web, phone, fax & mail] is merged before flowing back to your business management applications. Optimize production and maximize your ROI by selling directly to millions of new customers around the world.
Overview - Key Features
International : Customers select their preferred language and currency
Description : Shows product number, quantity, description, price
Pricing : You define promotional discounts for each site, market, client
Discounts : Set discounts/offers for each retail, wholesale & affiliate account
Search function : Find items by SKU, ISBN, Name or Title
Sales tax : Applicable taxes automatically calculated for each buyer's location
Shipping : Charges are calculated for any of the selected shippers
Email : Customers automatically receive an order confirmation
Online payment : Real-Time credit card processing expedites payments
Merchant Banking : Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
Optimal Inventory : Low-inventory alerts prevent out-of-stocks
Security : State-of-the-art technology ensures data privacy and business integrity

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Global e-Commerce Video Presentation
Secure Web Commerce Center
International Shopping Cart lets your customers select the language & currency they prefer

Retail, Wholesale & Affiliate Sites all your web, phone & fax orders are automatically merged & processed

Real Time Credit Card processing for sale of product, services, subscriptions, e-books, games & downloads

Direct Deposits put the funds into your own bank account

Secure Order Processing ensures the integrity of your business

Call Center operators handle in/out-bound calls for regular volumes & TV infomercial peaks. They cross-sell, up-sell & close your orders

Fulfillment Centers ship your orders around the world within 24 hours & sends you low inventory alerts

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