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Maximize Your Profits & Investment Opportunities

Profitability is the lifeblood of your organization. It can provide the financial leverage you need to expand your business while maximizing your ROI. And knowing just how much future profits you can expect lets you fund the strategic initiatives you need to stay ahead of global competition.
Take Charge of Your RevenuesThe first step to empowering your success is banking maximum revenues as fast as possible. Our Secure Web Commerce Center virtually supports all types of transactions [product, services, subscriptions, software downloads, e-books, games, etc.] Your orders are paid in full - by the time clients leave your Web site.
Credit card payment is confirmed online in real time, before each order is forwarded to the fulfillment center. This cost-effective process eliminates mistakes and lets you ship orders within 24 hours.
Make Your Money Work for You
Many e-Business services purposefully delay the transfer of their clients' funds. However, at NETREFLEX we believe that you should have full control over your money. Your sales revenues are deposited directly into your merchant bank account so that you can decide how to leverage your profits and maximize your return on investment.

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Global e-Commerce Video Presentation
Secure Web Commerce Center
International Shopping Cart lets your customers select the language & currency they prefer

Retail, Wholesale & Affiliate Sites all your web, phone & fax orders are automatically merged & processed

Real Time Credit Card processing for sale of product, services, subscriptions, e-books, games & downloads

Direct Deposits put the funds into your own bank account

Secure Order Processing ensures the integrity of your business

Call Center operators handle in/out-bound calls for regular volumes & TV infomercial peaks. They cross-sell, up-sell & close your orders

Fulfillment Centers ship your orders around the world within 24 hours & sends you low inventory alerts

Professional WEB HOSTING
FREE set-up

unlimited hosting space
Host Multiple Domains
includes WordPress
24/7 Chat & Phone Support

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